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Dr Maike Stam and the PhD students Rurika Oka, Blaise Weber (Plant Development and (Epi)genetics, SILS) and Johan Zicola (Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding) of the EU FP7 Marie Curie ITN EpiTRAITS project have published a review in the journal Trends in Plant Science entitled ‘Plant Enhancers: A Call for Discovery’.

Plant Enhancers

In the review they discuss known plant enhancers, their characteristics, and similarities and differences with enhancers from other species. In addition, the review elaborately discusses high-throughput methods based on next-generation sequencing that can be used for a genome-wide discovery of plant enhancers.

Plant enhancers

Enhancers are crucial for every multicellular organism, but the knowledge on plant enhancers is limited to only a few (partially) characterised examples. With this review, the authors aim to stimulate and advance the plant enhancer research field. 

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