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Proteomics facilities

For more information please get in touch with Chris de Koster

As part of the Green Life Sciences facilities a state-of-the-art equipped mass spectrometry laboratory is maintained, in pace with the newest instrumental developments for sample pre-treatment, multi dimensional separation, mass analysis and sequence analysis of minute amounts of protein samples from complex biological samples.

We have an open policy for collaborative projects, such as already established with the Academic Medical Center Amsterdam, the BioCentrum Amsterdam, VU University Amsterdam and other national and international partners.

Bioinformatics expertise for qualitative and quantitative analysis of plant proteomics data sets is available.

  • For high-resolution mass spectrometry for identification and quantification of complex mixtures of plant proteins, a Bruker ApexUltra LC-FTMS is up and running.
  • For high-throughput identification of proteins, a Bruker amaZon LC-Ion trap is available. The instrument is equipped with modern ion dissociation techniques such as ETD for the analysis of post-translational modifications.
Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer