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FACS: fluorescent cell analyser and cell sorter

For more information please get in touch with Maike Stam

Flow Cytometry is a powerful tool that allows us to study various features of plants and other organisms at the cellular level. It enables us to study the cell cycle, genome size and ploidy levels by analyzing the nuclear DNA content and to detect subpopulations of plant cells labelled with specific fluorescent labels or expressing fluorescent proteins.

Using a flow sorter (FACS) it is not only possible to analyze separate cell populations, but also to sort these cell populations for further molecular characterization. An important application is, for example, the genome-wide gene expression analysis of specific subpools of differentiated plant cells.

The flow sorter can also be used to isolate genetically transformed fungal material of important plant pathogens. Additionally flow cytometry can be used as a tool to analyze plant pathogenic or symbiotic microorganisms and their characteristics, such as viability, expression of reporters etc..

We also use flow cytometry to analyze the efficiency of targeted mutagenesis by generating a mutation restoring the reading frame of the eYFP gene encoding Yellow Fluorescent protein. Additionally we use flow cytometry to monitor cellular parameters such as cell cycle stage, replication, cell division and viability.

Equipment available:

Beckman Coulter Gallios Flow Cytometer (Analyzer)

10 colors, 4 lasers (488nm Blue & 561nm Yellow [co-linear], 638nm Red, 405nm Violet). Easily interchangable optical filters facilitate the detection of a variety of dyes and wavelengths. 

For using the Flow Cytometer please contact Mariliis Tark-Dame: 

BD FACSAriaIII (Sorter)

4 lasers (488nm Blue, 561nm Green, 633nm Red, 407nm Violet). Filters and mirrors are user changeable.

For using the BD FACSAriaIII please contact Casper Huijser:

dr. ir. J.C. (Casper) Huijser

Faculty of Science

Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences