Funding for 'Resistance to a destructive plant virus'

6 January 2015

Dr. Harrold van den Burg and Prof. Marcel Prins (Keygene) received funding for a research project (€ 700.000,-) by the Top Sector Horticulture and Starting Materials from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Research project 'Resistance to a destructive plant virus'

In this 3-year programme, the researchers of the Molecular Plant Pathology group will screen for novel disease resistance by targeting the replication of geminiviruses in tomato. Geminiviruses cause large yield losses worldwide on many important crops. Within the project SILS and the biotech company Keygene will collaborate with four internationally operating Dutch-based plant breeding companies.

Top Sector Horticultural and Starting Materials

The Top Sector Horticultural and Starting Materials comprises all vegetal chains in the horticulture complex and for starting materials, the overall vegetal horti and agro complex. The Top Sector thereby comprises the sectors for starting materials, production (greenhouse and outdoors) and the companies in processing, supply, trade and distribution. It is an expansive sector with sub-sectors that range from vegetables, fruit and trees to flowers and bulbs. The sector Starting Materials involves starting materials such as propagating material, seedlings and seed stock.

Published by  Swammerdam Institute