When does a plant flower?

16 June 2015

In a series of YouTube videos, suitable and fun to watch for all ages, a group of young academics illustrate their research on plant development and more specifically flowering. The researchers are part of the EpiTRAITS network, which is coordinated by Maike Stam of the Faculty of Science’s Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS).

The video ‘When do I flower?’ shows the importance of flowering for plants and how research can contribute to enable flowering under adverse circumstances. The video ‘Flower’s anatomy’ illuminates the relation between the flower’s anatomy and the underlying genetic regulation. A third video explains and visualizes the mechanism by which genes are activated for transcription by regulatory DNA regions.

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The videos were made by PhD students and postdocs conducting their research within the EpiTRAITS project (with EU funding from the Marie Curie Initial Training Network, ITN). EpiTRAITS is an international research project that aims to bridge the gap between fundamental and applied research by, amongst others, translating results from epigenetic research in model organisms to improved technologies for crop breeding. SILS currently employs three PhD candidates within the EpiTRAITS project.

The videos are available in different languages (Dutch, English, German, French, Spanish and Polish).


Published by  Faculty of Science