Photanol and AkzoNobel collaboration wins Bio Business Award 2015

3 March 2015

The collaboration between the University of Amsterdam (UvA) spin-off company Photanol and the chemical group AkzoNobel has been awarded the WBM Bio Business Award 2015 in the category of Bio-based Chemical Collaborations. The award winners were announced yesterday evening during a festive ceremony at the National Maritime Museum.

Sustainable chemical building blocks

Established by Klaas Hellingwerf and Joost Texeira de Mattos of the Faculty of Science, Photanol joined forces with AkzoNobel in the autumn of 2014. The partners are collaborating on the production of ‘green’ chemical building blocks to eventually replace the fossil fuel materials used in the AkzoNobel production process. The production of these alternative chemicals relies on Photonol’s sustainable technology, which is based on the process of plant photosynthesis. 

Responding to the award, Hellingwerf said, ‘This award is proof that Photanol has successfully made the transition from the field of 'renewable energy' to the sustainable production of (bio)chemicals and chemical 'commodities', both of which are premised on production using sunlight and CO₂.’ 

Photanol currently employs more than 15 researchers, all active in the fields of molecular biology, biochemistry and process technology. The company has received financing from ICOS capital and UvA Holding. 

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Published by  Faculty of Science