Principal investigators

Green Life Sciences has 18 affiliated senior members from the SILS and IBED institutes, listed below. Together with PhD students, postdocs and junior tenured staff the cluster has a mass of about 45 full time equivalents of research power.

Petra Bleeker

  • dr. P.M. (Petra) Bleeker

    Assistant professor | Plant physiology
    T: 0205257850

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Harro Bouwmeester

  • prof. dr. ir. H.J. (Harro) Bouwmeester

    Plant hormone biology | T: 0205256476

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Timo Breit

  • dr. T.M. (Timo) Breit

    Associate Professor | RNA biology & applied bioinformatics | Group leader
    T: 0205257058

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Ben Cornelissen

Paul Fransz

  • dr. ir. P.F. (Paul) Fransz

    Assistant professor | Plant Development & (Epi)Genetics
    T: 0205255153

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Michel Haring

  • prof. dr. M.A. (Michel) Haring

    Full professor | Plant physiology | Group leader
    T: 0205257663

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Merijn Kant

  • dr. M. (Merijn) Kant

    Associate Professor

    Associate professor | Population biology
    T: 0205257793

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Joost Keurentjes

  • prof. dr. ing. J.J.B. (Joost) Keurentjes

    Professor by Special Appointment (Applied quantitative genetics) | Plant physiology
    T: 0205256970

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Ronald Koes

  • prof. dr. R.E. (Ronald) Koes

    Full professor | Plant development & (epi)genetics

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Chris de Koster

  • prof. dr. C.G. (Chris) de Koster

    Full professor | Mass spectrometry of biomacromolecules | Group leader
    T: 0205255457

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Teun Munnik

  • dr. T. (Teun) Munnik

    Associate professor | Plant Physology
    T: 0205257763

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Marcel Prins

  • prof. dr. M.W. (Marcel) Prins

    Professor by special appointment (Phytopathology) | Molecular Plant Pathology

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Francesca Quattrocchio

  • dr. F. (Francesca) Quattrocchio

    Associate professor | Plant development & (epi)genetics
    T: 0205255525

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Martijn Rep

  • prof. dr. M. (Martijn) Rep

    Associate professor | Molecular plant pathology
    T: 0205257764
    T: 0205255151

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Rob Schuurink

  • dr. ir. R.C. (Rob) Schuurink

    Associate professor | Plant Physiology
    T: 0205257933

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Maike Stam

  • dr. M.E. (Maike) Stam

    Assistant professor | Plant development & (epi)genetics
    T: 0205257655

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Frank Takken

  • dr. ing. F.L.W. (Frank) Takken

    Associate professor | Molecular plant pathology
    T: 0205257795

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Christa Testerink

  • prof. dr. C.S. (Christa) Testerink

    Full professor | Plant Physiology
    T: 0205257790

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Harrold van den Burg

  • dr. ir. H.A. (Harrold) van den Burg

    Assistant professor | Molecular plant pathology
    T: 0205257797
    T: 0205257706

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Published by  Swammerdam Institute

30 January 2017