Plant growth facilities


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The greenhouse, opened in 2006, offers excellent conditions for research. There are 43 independent units, partly fully climatised. The area of the greenhouse is approximately 2500 m2. The compartments vary in size from  19 m2 to 102 m2.


Growth chambers and cabinets

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In addition, GLS has excellent growth facilities (climate chambers and cabinets, plant growth chambers) at its disposal.  They are part of the new laboratory infrastructure at the Science Park for experimenting with plant pathogens, insects and plant viruses.


Both the greenhouse and other growth facilities have legal permits for research on genetically modified organisms. Therefore substantial parts of the green house and climate chambers comply with biosafety levels for work with transgenic biological materials. We can perform experiments at 4 different biosafety levels: pk1, pkm1, pkm2 and pkm3.

Location Greenhouse facilities

Published by  Swammerdam Institute

28 June 2016