ASTS scholarships

For (prospective) graduate students from the Netherlands and the European Union / EEA

The UvA Faculty of Sciences offers talented students in Green Life Sciences a full scholarship of €10,000 per year, for a maximum of two academic years.

Students from the Netherlands, the European Union and the European Economic Area are eligible for this Amsterdam Science Talent Scholarship (ASTS) if they

1. Have a grade point average (GPA) corresponding to the top 10% of students from their graduating class. This means an overall grade point average equivalent to (at least):

  • 3.5 (GPA American system)
  • 1st class honours / upper division (British system)
  • 8+ (Dutch EC-system)

2. Are able to obtain a Dutch visa (if applicable).

3. Meet the English language requirements of the Faculty.

UvA Scholarships AMS+AES Ceremony 2014. Photo: Dirk Gillissen

13 November 2014